Need some last-minute ideas to make Valentine’s Day special?  Here are some fresh ideas that are fun, meaningful, and easy on the budget, too.

1. Give him Valentines by the Dozens:

Buy a box of cute kid’s valentines–Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Cinderella, or whatever. Sign the back of each valentine. Place them where your sweetheart will find them throughout the day—on the mirror, in the fridge, on dashboard of the car, in a briefcase, tucked in a Bible, etc. Hide a few so your loved one will keep finding valentines cards for days.

2. Pack a Valentine’s Picnic:

Pack a picnic lunch for your sweetheart. Throw in some candles, a red table cloth, and some beautiful wine goblets. Have a picnic with him in his office, at a park, or on a roof top … use your imagination.

3. Burn a Personal CD:

Compile and burn all your favorite tunes and love songs on a CD. Create and print a customized cover from a kit you purchase at an office supply store.

4. Make a Romantic Jigsaw:

Write a love letter, poem, or song on one side of a heavy piece of cardstock.  Paste a favorite photo or collage of photos on the other side. Cut the message into jigsaw puzzle pieces that he needs to put together before he can read it.

5.  Create a Crossword Puzzle:

Make a crossword puzzle of your history together as a couple. For example, you could include the place you met, the name of a favorite song, a restaurant you often dine at, memorable events and occasions, gifts you exchanged, favorite activities, etc. To help you put the crossword together, visit

6. Name a Star:

Name a Star after your sweetheart and then view your star online using a robotically controlled telescope at

7. Leave a Message on the Lawn:

Let the whole neighborhood know how much you love your guy. Stamp a message in the snow and tint it with red food coloring. No snow?  Purchase some Athletic Field Marker Spray in red or white for about $7 a can and paint a big valentine message on the grass.

8. Celebrate 12 Days of Valentine’s:

We have 12 days of Christmas, so why not 12 days of Valentine’s? Starting on Valentine’s Day, give your sweetheart 1 small gift.  On day 2, surprise him with 2 small items. For example: 2 coupons, 3 love songs, 4 heart-shaped cookies, 5 love poems, 6 car fresheners, 7 balloons, “I Love You” in 8 languages, 9 message heart candies, 10 reasons why you love him, 11 Hershey kisses, 12 cupcakes. You get the idea.

9. Hang some love on a Valentine’s Tree:

Gather some branches and put them in a jar.  Cut out heart-shaped notes and hang them from the branches.  Also hang chocolates and other treats from the tree.

10.  Jar of Affection:

Decorate a large jar with valentines. Fill the jar with folded pieces of paper—coupons—for “treats” such as a kiss, a back rub, breakfast in bed, coffee at starbucks, candles with dinner, etc. Your sweetheart gets to draw one coupon out each day until they are gone.

 Celebrate Valentine’s Day All Year

Why confine the celebration to one day? Take advantage of Valentine’s season by heading down to the dollar store and stocking up on inexpensive wrapping paper, valentine’s décor and heart-emblazoned trinkets so that you can show your sweetie how much you love him throughout the year.

Do you have any great low-budget Valentine Ideas to share? I’d love for you to send me a comment so I can add it to the list.