Are you between the ages of 13 and 19? If so, I could use your help! (Moms and mentors, I could use your help too. You could pass this request on to your daughter or a young friend.) I’m working on writing a devotional for teen girls with my friend, Susan Hunt. It will be called, “Becoming God’s True Woman — while I still have a curfew,” and will be published by Moody publishers at the end of 2012. The book will have 35 devotions for teen girls about how to become God’s True Woman. We also want to include quotes, comments, and letters from teens in the book.

And that’s where you come in!

Can you help me by providing your comments and thoughts?  Since you’ll be out of school for the Christmas break, I hope you’ll have time to contribute. I want your perspective on some topics that are relevant to teen girls . . . like what you think about guys, relationships, peer pressure, dating, the ways girls dress, and the messages popular culture gives you about what it means to be a woman.

This devotional will be used by tens of thousands of teens across North America. You can help me make a difference in their lives by taking a bit of time to record your thoughts.

Below, (and on the attached pdf), I outline some topics/questions that I’d like you to address. Don’t worry. There’s no right or wrong answers. . . I’m just looking for opinions. Anything goes!!! Your comments can be as short or as long as you want them to be—from a sentence, to a paragraph, to a whole letter—and you only need to address the topics that you want (although I hope you tackle them all!!!)

You can email or facebook message your answers to me by December 30, 2011 at I’ll sort them, edit them a bit, and pick which ones will be best to use in the book. Your comments will be published with your first name and age only (e.g. “Brenda, age 15”). Or, if you don’t want me to use your name, just make a note of that, and I can print your comment with a pseudo name. Thanks so much for your help, girls! I really appreciate it!!

Please give me your opinions on the following topics. You could answer the questions listed under each topic, write a paragraph sharing your thoughts on the topic, or just give your opinion about what Christian girls should do to be wise in each particular area:

1. Popular Media

a. In what ways are girls influenced by popular media?

b. What are some harmful messages that media sends to young women?

c. How can Christian girls be wise about their media intake?

2. Appearance

a. Why do girls want to look “hot” and “sexy”?

b. What comes to mind when you hear the word “modesty”? What does it mean to be modest?

c. How have you struggled with appearance?

d. What would you tell a friend who struggles with her body image?

3. Femininity

a. Do most girls have a positive or negative view of femininity? Why?

b. In what way does culture encourage women to be loud, demanding, and in control? What other types of attitudes does it encourage in women?

c. How does today’s image of the ideal woman differ from God’s ideal?

d. What are some fears a young woman might have about developing a “gentle” and “quiet” spirit? (1 Pet. 3:4)

4. Boy Crazy Girls

a. How strong is the trend of girls being the initiators and pursuers in guy-girl relationships? From a Christian perspective, why is this a negative trend?

b. What are some factors that might contribute to a girl being “boy crazy”?

c. How might a girl’s focus on getting/keeping a boyfriend distract her from what the Lord wants her to focus on?

d. How can a girl avoid getting caught up in boy craziness?

5. Sexuality

a. What kind of pressure is there on girls to become sexually active?

b. Does the church present a negative or positive view of sex? Explain.

c. What could the church do better in this area?

d. Explain what “sexual purity” means.

e. Why does God want us to reserve sex for marriage?

6. Gender Roles

a. What are some general differences you’ve noticed between girls and guys? (other than the obvious physical ones)

b. Why can a mom never replace a dad, and a dad never replace a mom? What do they uniquely contribute to the family?

c. The Bible teaches that a wife should submit to her husband as the church submits to Christ and a husband should love his wife as Christ loves the church—how does this idea of differing roles compare with the world’s model for relationships?

d. Why do you think God created the two sexes to fill different roles?

e. How do you feel about gender roles?

7. Boundaries

a. How do you feel about the boundaries and rules your parents have established for you? Why have they established these boundaries?

b. Can you think of any examples of girls getting into trouble because they didn’t have or didn’t obey a boundary?

c. What are some smart boundaries that would help a girl maintain pure and healthy relationships with guys? Why are boundaries important?

8. Top 3 Issues

a. What are the top 3 issues in guy-girl relationships that today’s young women face?

9. Glorifying God

a. The Bible tells us that God created male and female for His “glory.” What does it mean to “glorify God?”

b. How might a desire to live for God’s glory impact the decisions you make as a young woman?

  Do you have any other thoughts about womanhood or guy-girl relationships you’d like to share? Or a testimony about how He is making you into a wise woman? Make sure you include your name, your age, an email contact address, and whether you want me to use your first name or a pseudo name. Email your comments/answers to before December 30, 2011. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you!!! I appreciate your help! Affectionately, Mary  Download this letter on pdf