Big News! My Girls Gone Wise book has been chosen as a finalist for a Word Guild Writing Award in two categories: Christian Living and Relationships. In the middle of June, I’ll be attending the Word Guild “Black Tie” Awards Gala, which will be held at the World Vision headquarters in Toronto, Canada.  This premier national event honoring Canadian writers who are Christian will present awards for outstanding career achievement, and for the best novels, non-fiction books, articles, poems and scripts published in 2010.

It’s nice to be honored for my writing, but what really thrills me is hearing stories about the way God is using Girls Gone Wise to change lives. I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a peek into my mailbag, to read the stories of how the book has impacted readers. I hope you’ll be as encouraged by these stories as I am:

Dad is thrilled about Daughter’s Transformation

I am a 48yr old father of a 18 year old who—after all the guidance, wisdom, and God’s work—ended up pregnant anyway. We now have my daughter and our 4 month old granddaughter living in our home with my wife and I. I purchased this book for my daughter after hearing about it on our local Christian radio station. I gave it to her for mother’s day and somewhat insisted she read it. To my surprise yesterday my daughter came to me, gave me a kiss on my cheek and said “Thank you for the book Dad”.

In her words, “It was awesome, convicting, and informative.” She said, “People tell you not to have sex, the bad consequences of doing so, but they never really tell you why or what is sex for.” This book explained the Bible’s teaching to her in a way she understood.

She talked about the lessons she learned about how she dresses, putting herself in compromising situations with guys etc. She expressed a deep desire to use this book as a bible study topic for our church’s dance team (Which are all girls). Again, she really enjoyed this book and desires to follow what she has learned.

Roommate Becomes Christian

I loved reading Girls Gone Wise and I felt very challenged by it. It caused me to think about things I had unintentionally been overlooking in my own life. Now here’s is where it gets really wonderful: my roommate did not know the Lord but had really been seeking. We had been going to church together and she had a lot of questions. One of her questions was “so, I’m not THAT bad of a person, like, I don’t do drugs or sleep with a bunch of guys…so how am I supposed to act as a Christian woman, like, what sorts of changes should I be making?”

I gave her Girls Gone Wise to read. She was extremely intrigued and also felt very challenged by it, but was so glad to have a resource that was very black and white, not wishy-washy. As a person who was not raised in the church, she had no idea where to begin, and was excited to sort of have an “instructional booklet” on how a young Christian woman should conduct herself. It sparked many discussions between us about the roles of women and men in relationships and the responsibilities of women of God.

And guess what? As a result of all this, she texted me to ask if I would pray with her to accept Christ!  And now we’re going to start hosting a girls Bible study at our place. I am Soo excited! I would be so grateful if you would keep me in your prayers as I prepare to lead the studies. I hope it can be a place where girls can come and be vulnerable, share laughter, support eachother, build friendships, pray, and that we can all “dig in a little deeper” in our relationships with God! Can’t wait to get started!

We’re Different Colors, but we’re all still Women!

Almost one year ago the Lord began dealing with me as a woman. It began with small things the Lord began to show me that needed to change.   I read Girls Gone Wise and then introduced the book to my church. Each night during our book study our classroom was packed.  The women of the church enjoyed the study and were richly blessed.  I could go on and on about how the Lord blessed this group of women, but I won’t.  Kudos to Mary Kassian for a job well done.  It was amazing to some women of color that the Caucasian author could be so on point with the African-American women; to which I explained. We’re all still women!

It Totally Changed Her Life

This book literally changed my life.  As a Christ follower, I never realized that I had been believing so many lies that our culture had been telling from the time I was born.  I sat there amazed as someone (Mary) finally just said it, it’s not okay.  The lies we’ve believed for so long have done nothing but hurt us and those around us, yet because of Jesus we are free to choose His ways!  And His design for us is so right and true and uplifting.  I thank the Lord that at age 29 He opened my eyes to the Truth.

Successful in her Career, but Unsuccessful as a Woman

We’ve been lied to as to what it meant to be a woman by our culture, by the church, and by our own families. I am a very successful career woman; everything the world says a modern woman should be. But when I am honest with myself, all the awards, all the accolades, and money mean nothing. A while back, I started resenting my husband, and keenly felt the weight of being the “man” – the achiever and provider in my home.  The tension of role reversal put a tremendous strain on my young marriage. I was successful in my career, but unsuccesful as a woman. And then I came across your message of Girls Gone Wise.

Finally.  Someone just said it. Mary thank you for bolding saying to this girl the thing I knew in my heart to be true. I realize now that I have been driven by making my name greatly known rather than structuring my life based on how I would best glorify God. I wrote my husband a letter apologizing for my sin of taking control and not respecting him as my husband and the leader of our home.  I don’t know yet what decisions we will need to make to align our lives with God’s heart. But my eyes have been opened . . . and God is faithful. He will bring this good work to completion in His glorious way, according to His good, pleasing, & perfect will! I am forever changed, and though this story is very much in-progress, the way of the Lord is right!


Do you have a story about how Girls Gone Wise has impacted you or someone you love? I’d love to hear from you!  You can post a comment below, or send me a private email through this contact form.