Two weeks ago, I traveled to Toronto to do an interview about Girls Gone Wise with Moira Brown. It was an exciting day at 100 Huntley Street, since everything was abuzz with the launch of  two new TV programs: Huntley Prime and Full Circle.

Travel there and back was challenging due to some hefty Canadian snowstorms, and it was long day taping, but I totally enjoyed myself. The folks at Huntley Street are warm, friendly, compassionate, and obviously dedicated to impacting lives with the good news of Jesus.

I was interviewed on live TV in the morning by Moira, and then taped a Huntley Prime show to be aired at some future date with host, Jim Cantelon. I did have a chance to chat with all the sofa sisters, and hopefully I’ll get a chance to head back to Toronto to tape a couple of shows with them. For any of you who are interested, they’re auctioning off the original Sofa Sisters’ sofa to raise money for the show. It’s for sale on eBay.  Cool. Maybe I should’ve auctioned off my sofa on Ebay last year, instead of hauling it out to the Lake.

Anyhow, I thought some of you might be interested in seeing the interview, so here it is:

If you can’t watch the interview in the player, you can watch it directly on youtube