Meet Sharon Beougher, a high school Bible teacher at Christian Academy of Louisville. Sharon has a passion to help the girls in her school make wise decisions about how to live. She knows that some of the biggest “influencers” on young people are their teachers. So she intentionally uses the opportunity God has given her to make an impact in their lives. I asked Sharon to share how “Girls Gone Wise” helps her do this:

Girls Gone Wise by Mary Kassian has been a perfect book to do with high school girls at school.  The sessions are short enough to cover one or two points of contrast between the wise woman and the wild woman; each session include biblical truths pulled out of Proverbs 7, and they give practical ways to become a wise women.

As a teacher at school, I have found two different ways to use the material.  First, I invited the girls who had study hall to come to my room during my planning period on Fridays to study the book. Sometimes we would do just one session and some weeks we did two.  We discussed the highlights of the chapter, answered some of the questions on the worksheet (printed from their resources on-line) and I followed some very helpful suggestions from the leader’s guide on-line.

It was extremely helpful to have the leader’s guide and the worksheets for each young lady (which has just recently conveniently been put into a companion book).  The girls had the questions to think about and it made the discussion easy to keep going.

At the end of the study, I printed off the leader’s guide for the girls so that they could start a Bible study themselves with other girls (high school OR middle school).  These studies were planned to be a half hour before school.  I found this to be an easy way to not only to teach the girls about living a godly life, but to teach them to teach others!

The way I am using it this year at school is to have a Friday lunch Bible study where the girls come into my room with their lunches, and we cover just one chapter each week.  Doing it this way gives all the girls a chance to participate if they choose.  The girls who went through it last year will be facilitators of the lunch group and will help teach.  They can all register on the Girls Gone Wise blog and see video clips and other articles to add to their learning. This semester we have 30 freshman/sophomore girls going through it with the biology teacher and over 15 juniors and seniors (led by two of the girls that went through it last year)

My vision for the material is to introduce starting a new semester class splitting up the guys and girls and using it as part of an actual curriculum for a semester “girls only” class during their high school years.  I teach at one of the largest Christian school systems in the United States so I know that I have the freedom to teach Christian values to teenagers, but if a teacher at a public school wanted to meet with some girls outside of school at a coffee shop or a home, this is definitely a perfect book to use!

Sharon wants to challenge other teachers to intentionally reach out to young women. She says, “Let’s take the baton and disciple these young ladies that the Lord has entrusted to us for a short amount of time!”

We agree, and we salute you, Sharon, for loving these young women, and for exemplifying for them what it means to walk wisely in a world gone wild. Congratulations for being our Wise Thing of the month!

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