i need a name 


“I am Woman?”

“The Short & Tall Lady Speak?”

…Yikes! Our upcoming True Woman Bible Study Curriculum is in desperate need of a name. Nancy and I have been working hard on content, but now we need to think of what we’re going to call this baby. So please, please, please help us out!

Have a look at the outline (below), and then submit your suggestions for a suitable title and subtitle for this 8-week study. Moody Publishers is offering a great prize as an incentive to put your thinking caps on. Everyone who posts a suggestion will be entered in a drawing to win a Kindle with Voices of the True Woman Movement already downloaded to it. Isn’t that awesome?

  • Week One:  Womanhood Matters—Why God created Male and Female
  • Week Two:  Different by Design—God’s original Design for Man       
  • Week Three:  I Am Woman —God’s original Design for Woman
  • Week Four:  Snake in my Garden—How Sin Wrecked Male-Female Relationships
  • Week Five: The Battle of the Sexes— Sexist Men & Strident Women
  • Week Six:  Hear me Roar —Are You taking a Walk on the Wild Side?
  • Week Seven: Total Make-Over— Let the Beauty of your Womanhood Sparkl 
  • Week Eight:  Counter-Revolution—You Can Make a Difference & Help Turn the Tide

We’re excited to see what kind of ideas you come up with. You can offer as many suggestions as you like, as long as they’re listed under one entry. Post your entry before 5 p.m. ET on Friday, January 28.  We will then post the winner of the Kindle right here on the blog by Monday.