Need help in Women’s Ministry? Meet My Friend Chris…


Tuesday, I’ll be joining Chris Adams on LifeWay’s very first live webcast for women in leadership. Chris is the senior lead women’s ministry specialist in LifeWay’s church resources division. But more than that, she’s also a dear friend.

Before coming to LifeWay in 1994, Chris coordinated women’s ministry and missions education as the special ministries coordinator at Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas. I met her in 1998, when LifeWay asked me to write a Bible Study,In My Father’s House:  Women Relating to God as Father.”

Right from the start, I admired Chris’ love for Jesus, and her commitment to training women how to lead and impact the women in their churches and communities for the Kingdom. My respect and affection for Chris has grown deeper and deeper over the years as I’ve witnessed her love and faithful service to women and the Body of Christ.

In addition to her role as an ongoing guest teacher at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary’s Women’s Certificate Program, Chris is consultant and guest editor of Journey, a 214,000-circulation women’s devotional magazine that deals with real issues women face daily.

Chris has written a great resource for leaders — Women Reaching Women: Beginning and Building a Growing Women’s Ministry and Transformed Lives: Taking Women’s Ministry to the Next Level. She’s contributed to the books Leading Women to the Heart of God and HeartCall: The Call to Prayer and has written for various other publications.

Chris and her husband, Pat, live in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and have twin daughters and four grandchildren. (I know, I know, she doesn’t look old enough to have grandbabies… but believe it or not, Chris is older than me… shhh don’t tell her I let on.) Chris has incredible capacity, energy, and enthusiasm for ministry. If I were to uphold an example of a beautiful, amazing woman for you to try to emulate, I’d point to Chris.

If you’re a leader, or want to be a leader, you’ll want to check out some of the great resources that Chris and the team at LifeWay have compiled. I’ve included a list of their frequently asked questions about women’s ministry below.  Take some time to surf around. But don’t forget to come back and join us at 12 Noon CST Tuesday for the webcast. It’ll be a ton of fun! I’m looking forward to having you join us!

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Women’s Ministry FAQs

Questions about leading the women’s ministry in your church? Check this list of frequently asked questions for some basic women’s ministry tips. If you have a question you don’t see listed, please feel free to post your question or concern in the LifeWay Community — a series of online community forums where women and women’s leaders can exchange ideas, insights and questions.

1. How do I get a catalog?
2009 LifeWay Women Catalog LifeWay Women Catalog
Download a free LifeWay Women catalog and see all of the great Bible studies, resources, and events available for ministry to women in your church. This is a large file in 4 parts. It will take several minutes to download.

2009 Catalog, Part 1
2009 Catalog, Part 2
2009 Catalog, Part 3
2009 Catalog, Part 4

2. How do we start a women’s ministry in our church?
Prayer is the first and most important step. You must wait on God’s timing and movement before going to the second step: sharing your vision with a staff minister. For some very practical helps, we recommend several resources by and for women’s leaders:

Organizing Your Women’s Ministry Handout
Leaders, use this helpful tool to get started in your women’s ministry. It will also give great information regarding how to build a balanced ministry with your women and lead you to helpful contacts to further develop your ministry.Download this free handout.

Chris Adams, LifeWay’s Women’s Ministry Enrichment / Ministers’ Wives Specialist shares a video message of hope for the future of women’s ministry. View The Vision of Women’s Ministry.

3. How do we request leadership training in our area?
LifeWay offers a variety of leadership training opportunities. Read more Women & Beth Moore events.

  • If you are in a Southern Baptist church, check with your associational office to see what training events are scheduled for your area. Search State Conventions and Local Associations here. Ask if there is a women’s ministry leader for your area and let her know of your interest.
  • Find Women’s State Leaders here.
  • If you are looking for a speaker for an event at your church, visit Women’s Ministry Authors where you will find links to their personal websites.
  • If you are not in a Southern Baptist church or have additional questions, e-mail Chris Adams to see about setting up a training conference for your area.

Webcasts are new online training opportunities for you to gather your leadership team or let them watch from their home or office. Then get together and brainstorm ways to put the ideas to work in your church. Chris Adams hosts the webcasts with occasional guests to discuss topics related to ministering to women. Read more about Women’s Webcasts.

4. What resources do you have to help us with mentoring?
We are pleased to offer Woman to Woman Mentoring resources by speaker and author Janet Thompson. This resource is designed to help you with administrating the ministry, finding mentors, training mentors and mentees, kickoff coffees, and many other issues dealing with mentoring.
5. How do we find promotional resources for Bible studies or Events?
If you are planning a Bible study in your church we have free, downloadable promotional resources for many of our studies.

Visit Bible Studies for Women where you will find a list of all of our studies. Choose a study and click on the title where you will find promotional items if they are available.

For event promotion, visit Events for Women, click on the event you are interested in and you will find promotional items at the bottom of the page.

  • All flyers are full color PDF files and can be printed on any color or black-and-white printer.
  • You will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader
6. How do we blend women’s enrichment ministry with already established women’s groups (such as a mission group) in our church?
  • Again, prayer is the key to opening the door for cooperation. Women’s ministry is not meant to do away with any already established ministry with women in your church. It is meant to involve more women in activities designed for them.
  • To achieve a balanced ministry with women you must include three key elements: discipleship, missions, and evangelism. As we reach and disciple women, God will work in women’s lives to lead them to share their faith and to minister in His name to others, so it ideally will increase participation in already existing service ministries.
  • Read more in Missions & Evangelism.
7. How do we approach our pastor/church staff about starting a women’s ministry?
First, pray and ask God’s direction and timing. If you continue to sense God’s leading in this area, make an appointment with the appropriate staff person to share your vision and heart for women’s ministry, along with one to two specific ideas that would help get things started.

  • Ask your pastor or other staff leader what his vision is for the women in the church and how women’s ministry could support him in what God has called him to do at the church. Let him know you are seeking his input and response.
  • Be submissive to the leadership of your church. The leadership provides not only the umbrella of authority, but also of protection for all the ministries in the church. The pastor and staff see the church from the bigger picture than we sometimes do as we focus on our area of ministry within the church.
  • Wait on God’s timing if the pastor or leader who may be charged with women’s ministry is not comfortable with your proceeding at the present time. If that’s the case, continue to pray for God’s guidance.
8. How do we help women understand where they are spiritually and how God has gifted them?
Use these Spiritual Assessment Tools to guide women to understand where they are spiritually and how God has gifted them.

  • Spiritual Growth Assessment
  • Spiritual Gifts Survey
  • Spiritual Gifts List
  • Where do you feel God leading you to serve Him?
9. How do I download a digital Bible study session?
Visit Digital Download How-tos and FAQs for answers to questions about copying files, downloading tips, and copyright restrictions.
10. How do we find out about news for women from LifeWay?
LifeWay Women News & Updates is a weekly, email communication to help you stay up-to-date with ministry ideas, new resources, and life-changing events for women in your church. Sign up here

Postal Mailing List and Information packet: You may request to be added to our postal mailing list by e-mailing Chris Adams, Women’s Ministry/Ministers’ Wives Specialist. She will send you a packet of information to help get you started.