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This sample chapter is entitled, “No Weak Girls Here.” It will introduce you to the weak women of Ephesus, and to the seven habits that sapped their strength. It provides a great overview of the book’s outline and of the habits you need to cultivate to become the right kind of strong.


This Q & A will give you some extra information about why I wrote the book, my hope for readers, what I want readers to take away from the book, who would benefit the most from reading the book, and a one-sentence book summary.


This discussion guide contains discussion questions for each chapter. You can use these as a basis for small group interaction. Or, you can use the questions on your own for personal reflection or journaling. Lined space is provided for your answers. 

Watch Chapter Videos

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Dannah Gresh and I recorded eight The Right Kind of Strong programs for Revive Our Hearts radio - one for each chapter of the book. We set up a camera so you could join us behind the scenes. You can watch these videos as you read the book, or watch them with your small group to help facilitate group discussion. They are each about 20-25 minutes in length.