The Right Kind of Confident


Women have a glaring problem. A problem we rarely talk about . . .

Though we have gained competence, we still lack confidence. Though we can feely chase our dreams, we still trip over our insecurities. Though we’ve been groomed to brim with self-assurance, we are still mired in self-doubt.

What can we do about this lack of confidence? How do we transform our can’t-do into a can-do? How do we turn our cowardice into bravery?


Self-help gurus say the answer to a lack of confidence is to believe in ourselves more.  But haven’t we already tried the self-affirmation solution? Will more rah-rah girl power genuinely quiet the insecurity gnawing at our souls? Could it be that there is something missing in this well-worn confidence formula?

The Bible provides a different solution. . . A counterintuitive solution.

It teaches that the way to combat fear is with more fear–fear of a different kind.

Gain strong confidence!

As you put fear in its place, you will grow bolder, braver, and more certain. You’ll become a gutsy woman with remarkable grit.

Daring.  Determined. Undaunted.

Reverent fear will help defeat your fear of other things–so that even your deepest fears can be met with a mirror response of courage.

You will become a strong, confident woman. The kind of confident that will enable you to face even the most daunting challenge. . . The right kind of confident!

What if we stopped placing our confidence in the things of this world—and instead put our trust in the only one who is truly trustworthy?

In this follow-up to her popular book The Right Kind of Strong, Kassian again draws on her vast biblical knowledge to show us a better way to navigate life. She compares the Bible’s definition of confidence with the world’s well-worn self-help formulas and sets us on the right path. As you begin to apply each chapter’s material, you’ll discover:

  • the true meaning of confidence;
  • the difference between negative fear and positive fear; and
  • how to turn the Enemy’s tool of fear on its head with strong confidence.

Whether you’re seeking more confidence or already feeling full of it, when you lean into a source of confidence that is unchanging, firm, and trustworthy, you’ll become more like the bold, courageous woman God created you to be.

“In the fear of the Lord one has strong confidence.” (Proverbs 14:26)


Downloads and resources are available for The Right Kind of Confident to help facilitate individual and group study.  Whether you are studying the book by yourself, in a book club, or in a small group Bible Study – whether online or in person – these resources are a great way to help you apply what you learn.


Companion Guide

Download and print out the companion guide for the book. Use the questions for personal reflection as journaling prompts and/or as a discussion guide for your small group.

Chapter Videos

In the chapter videos, Mary reviews and summarizes the main points of each chapter. There are seven chapter videos. Each one is about 10 minutes long.

Confidence BUILDERS

Build your confidence by memorizing the verses on the downloadable memory cards. Mary’s top ten confidence building tips will guide you along the path to greater confidence.


Mary A. Kassian is a Word Guild award-winning author and international speaker. She has published several books and Bible studies, including Girls Gone Wise, Conversation Peace, and True Woman 101. Mary is a popular conference speaker at women’s events such as Revive and True Woman. She has appeared on numerous radio and television shows such as Focus on the Family and Life Today. She has also taught cluster courses at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, where she was recognized as distinguished professor of women’s studies. Mary and her family reside in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.