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Sample Chapter

Click on this link to read the preface and first chapter of The Right Kind of Confident: The Remarkable Grit of a God-fearing Woman

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Companion Guide

This booklet contains journal prompts and questions for personal reflection. Whether you use it for personl study or in a small group, it will help you apply what you read.


Leader Guide

Are you a small leader? This  20-page Leader Guide provides insights, suggestions, and provocative group discussion questions to help you lead an impactful study.

Confidence Verses

Boost your confidence by memorizing and meditating on these Scripture verses. Cut them out and place them where you can see and review them regularly.

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Right Kind of Confident Videos

The videos below were created to compliment the chapters in Mary Kassian’s book, The Right Kind of Confident: The Remarkable Grit of a God-fearing Woman. Each video highlights the contents of an individual chapter . The videos are each about 10 minutes long.  You can view these videos as you read, or watch them with your friends during your small group meeting.  Make sure and bookmark this page so you can come back and watch the videos as you read. Click on the symbol in the lower right hand corner of the player to enlarge and watch the video full screen.

1. Blueprint for Confidence

The Bible provides us with a different blueprint for confidence than the world does. Discover God’s formula, so you can grow to become a strong, confident woman with remarkable grit.

2. Fear is Your Frenemy

Find out how fear works and discover how the Con artist tries to play confidence games with you.  Not all fear is bad. The wrong kind of fear is your enemy, but the right kind of fear is your friend.

3. Hello, My Name is Fear

Fear has a largely neglected positive side. What’s more, the right kind of fear is an antidote to the wrong kind of fear. So in order to get a grip on fear, you need to revisit your concept of what fear is all about.

4. The Fear Factor

Discover five facets of the beautiful jewel of reverent fear. This jewel gives those who possess it “great calmness, great boldness, and the ability to face trouble with the most mighty and invincible spirit in  the world!”

5. Foundation of Confidence

Self-help gurus tell us that self-assurance is the foundation of confidence. But the Bible advises us to build our confidence on a foundation that is infinitely greater, more powerful, and trustworthy.

6. Building Confidence

Learn five do’s and don’ts of building strong confidence.  These confidence builders will  help you stop building the type of confidence that is fragile and foolish and start building the kind that is smart and strong.

7. Deeply Rooted Confidence

The right kind of confidence changes you from scared to secure, rattled to relaxed, panicked to peaceful, bashful to bold, and daunted to daring. It will alleviate your fears, reduce your anxieties and infuse you with courage.

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