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Frequent Requests

Before sending an email, please browse through the following frequent requests to see if they address your question. Click on the question to reveal my answer.

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Hey Mary, I want to make a comment about a blog post you wrote.

As you likely noticed, I haven’t enabled comments on my blog. Sadly, comment threads are too often sidetracked by people who have an agenda or who are not gracious in their interaction with others. If you want to comment about something I’ve written, I welcome you to email me. Though I don’t always have the time to email back, I read every email I receive. If you’d like your comment to be posted on my website, send it as a Letter to the Editor.  I post selected comments on my website, in my Mailbag. Want to send a Letter to the Editor? 

Mary, I'd like your opinion about . . .

I’m flattered. I’m glad that you value my opinion.

I can’t reply to individual requests for my view on specific Scriptural interpretations, theological questions, the views of other authors, commentary on current events, or to give you personal recommendations for resources, BUT . . . I do welcome hearing what’s on your mind.

Tell me what you’d like me to write about.

If enough readers want to hear from me about a particular topic, I may just write a blog about it.

I want you to write a blog post about a particular topic.
That’s great! I’d love to hear your idea. If enough people request a post about the same topic, I may just write a blog about it.
Can you recommend other resources?
For recommended resources, check out my store. If it’s in there, I recommend it!
Can I write a GUEST post for your blog?
No. Sorry, I do not accept unsolicited articles or posts for my blog.
Can you promote my ministry or product on your website?
Beacon ads (a Christian advertising agency) handles all the advertisements on my website. If you would like your ministry or product to be featured, please contact them directly.
Can you review and endorse my manuscript?
I am honored that you value my opinion, but I do not review and endorse self-published manuscripts. Nor do I provide writing or publishing advice for unpublished authors. If you are working with a Christian publishing house, tell them that you would like them to send me an official endorsement request.
What should I do about my difficult situation?
Often, someone will write and tell me about a difficult personal situation for which they want my advice.

I welcome you to share your story, and will definitely say a prayer for you, Unfortunately, however, I simply don’t have the capacity to provide email counselling. If you have a personal concern for which you desire some help, I suggest that you contact your local church, a Christian counsellor in your area, or a godly friend. You may find further assistance at the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors at


I'd like to invite you to come speak at an event.

I love nothing better than sharing God’s Word with those who are eager to grow. If you have an event you would like me to consider, please visit my speaking invitation page for information and fill out the form there.


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»How has Girls Gone Wise impacted you?
»Tell me about your Girls Gone Wise group.
»Send me a photo of your group.
»Give me feedback about my website.
»Comment on a blog post.
»Send a Letter to the Editor.

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