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When Things Go From Bad to Worse

It’s not easy to be grateful when we face challenging circumstances. It’s even tougher to be grateful when things go from bad to worse. And when the problems pile up and seemingly have no end, that’s when it’s the most difficult to be grateful. It’s also the time when we need gratitude the most.

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Female Beauty Matters

Women resent the fact that men are so attracted to beauty, while men resent the fact that women often don’t make the effort to properly attend to it. So how do we resolve the impasse?

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What Not to Wear

Is it time to update your wardrobe? These 3 pin-able guidelines will help you decide what and what not to wear.

Live on Purpose


What’s a Woman Worth?

Women and girls in China are being sold, killed and abused by the millions. How do we stop this? What is the answer to giving worth and dignity to women?

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