You’re invited to a party! In fact, you’re invited to two. The catch is, you can’t go to both. You”ll have to make up your mind which one to attend. In this Girls Gone Wise Video Book Blog, you’ll see that the two characters in the Proverbs 7 tale chose to accept the invitation of Lady Wild. But if you’re smart, you won’t follow their lead. You’ll RSVP and claim a seat at the feast of Lady Wise.

  1. Read the twentieth point of contrast between a Wild and a Wise Thing (Pages 247-258)
  2. Download and complete the Chapter Questions for Personal Reflection
  • Whose invitation sounds the most attractive to you– Lady Wise or Lady Wild?  Why?
  • Which profile – Simple Sally, Foolish Fran, or Scoffing Sue – is most prevalent among Christians? Explain.
  • Why do you think Foolish Fran isn’t concerned about putting her knowledge into practice?
  • Were you ever a Scoffing Sue, Simple Sally, or Foolish Fran?  What happened in your life to bring about change?