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When Things Go From Bad to Worse

It’s not easy to be grateful when we face challenging circumstances. It’s even tougher to be grateful when things go from bad to worse. And when the problems pile up and seemingly have no end, that’s when it’s the most difficult to be grateful. It’s also the time when we need gratitude the most.

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Give Me a Quiet Mind

When the Bible talks about quietness, it’s not referring to an absence of verbal noise as much as it’s referring to an absence of spiritual noise. Although there’s a connection, quietness has more to do with the state of our hearts than the volume of our words.

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A Modern-Day Anna

There’s something incredibly inspiring about people who have the faith and tenacity to keep longing, praying, and waiting for something God has promised -even if it means waiting an entire lifetime.

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Resting in the Joy

Those old hymns of my childhood still echo in my mind. Today, I’m meditating on “Jesus, I am Resting.” I love the thought of “resting in the joy” of who Jesus is. I hope you do too, and that these words encourage you.

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