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God in the Shack

Does the image in this post offend you? If you’re a fan of The Shack, it shouldn’t. Because it’s a visual representation of the idea this movie promotes.

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Black Swan deserves an Oscar?

Black Swan inundates young women with the idea that they need to explore and discover their dark, seductive, sensual side to be beautiful and “perfect.” For convincingly portraying this lie, Portman does deserve an Oscar!

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If Bella Were My Daughter (Take 2)

Having many more miles on my odometer than young girls, I’ve observed hundreds–maybe thousands–of relationships… both good and bad. And certain behaviors raise warning signs. Certain things set off alarm bells in my spirit and indicate to me that a relationship is not good–and will likely be destructive in the end.

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Shedding Some Light on Twilight

If Bella were my daughter, several alarm bells would be going off in my head about her relationship with Edward. I would not approve. Regardless of how “in love” she felt, I would argue that this romance was not good for her, and would not end well. It would ultimately be bad and not good for her soul.

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