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Eye for an eye is an ancient principle that ensures the punishment fits the crime. But is tit for tat – slander for slander, hurt for hurt really the best way to go?

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Give Me a Quiet Mind

When the Bible talks about quietness, it’s not referring to an absence of verbal noise as much as it’s referring to an absence of spiritual noise. Although there’s a connection, quietness has more to do with the state of our hearts than the volume of our words.

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Resting in the Joy

Those old hymns of my childhood still echo in my mind. Today, I’m meditating on “Jesus, I am Resting.” I love the thought of “resting in the joy” of who Jesus is. I hope you do too, and that these words encourage you.

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How Adult Children can Honor and Obey

As a growing child, it is important to obey your parents. But when we get older and move from childhood to womanhood, do we still have to obey? As a grown woman, at what point can I stop listening to my parents? Is there a difference between honoring & obeying?

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