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NEW! Companion Guide and DVD

Spread the word! The NEW Girls Gone Wise Companion Guides and DVDs hit the stores this month! I’m excited because they’ll help women study the book in a more intensive way and help even more girls go wise!

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Announcing True Woman 101 – Divine Design

Did you know that God has a divine design for True Womanhood? His plan is absolutely spectacular! If you’re tired of the world’s cheap imitations and knock-offs—or if you’re tired of clichéd advice, shallow caricatures, and cookie-cutter solutions—then this eight-week Bible study is for you!

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Girls Gone Wise Video Shoot

In just a few hours, I’ll be boarding a plane to travel to the Girls Gone Wise Video Shoot. We’re putting together a DVD with dozens of short, discussion-provoking video clips to enhance small group study

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Finalist for Word Guild Award

Big News! Girls Gone Wise has been chosen as a finalist for a Word Guild Writing Award. It’s nice to be honored for my writing, but what really thrills me is hearing stories about the way God is using the book to change women’s lives.

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Name the Book Contest

…Yikes! Our upcoming True Woman Bible Study Curriculum is in desperate need of a name. Nancy and I have been working hard on content, but now we need to think of what we’re going to call this baby. So please, please, please help us out!

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100 Huntley Street

Tune in for a live Girls Gone Wise interview on 100 Huntley Street on Friday, January 7, 2001. And watch for on an upcoming episode of Full Circle, when the “Sofa Sisters” and I will enjoy a lively discussion about girls going wise!

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