Welcome to the first Girls Gone Wise Video Book Blog!  Some of you may be wondering, “What’s a book blog?” Quite simply, it’s a BLOG about a BOOK that allows you to read and study the book together with others in our internet community.

Twice a week, I’ll post blogs with short videos (5 to 7 minutes in length) in which I’ll discuss my book, Girls Gone Wise, chapter by chapter. To fully participate in the book blog, you will want to get a copy so you can read along.

After each post, it will be your turn to read the chapter, answer the chapter questions, post your comments, and interact with others. The videos and posts will remain online and accessible, so if you get a late start, or need to go at a slower pace, you won’t miss out. You can join in at anytime.

Girls Gone Wise examines the story of a typical “Wild Thing” as recorded in Proverbs chapter seven. For the purpose of the narrative, the author depicts her as a young, married woman– but she could be any woman. The point of the story isn’t her age or marital status. It’s about the “wild” characteristics she displays. In this introductory session, you’ll discover  that the Girl-Gone-Wild could be the girl next door, your best friend, or the lady sitting next to you at church… she may even be you!

Now it’s your turn:

  1. Read the Introduction of Girls Gone Wise, entitled “Wild Thing” (Pages 1-20)
  2. Download and complete the Chapter Questions for Personal Reflection
  3. Post your comments on the Blog.
  • What’s your definition of a Girl Gone Wild?
  • Do you think that women nowadays are wilder than they used to be?
  • Do you see any evidence of “wildness” in your own life?
  • What is required of us in order to withstand the pull to be wild?