Calling all shopaholics… Is the pride-and-joy item in your closet a pair of Manolo Blahniks?  Do you like to have a look at the label and see designer names like Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Armani, or Versace? If so, you may have a lot in common with the woman of Proverbs 7. She had impeccable taste! This Girls Gone Wise video book blog points out that Wild Things are intent on filling their homes and closets with designer-label fashion and all sorts of beautiful things—but that if you’re smart, you’ll set your heart on getting so much more!

  1. Read the fourteenth point of contrast between a Wild and a Wise Thing (Pages 191-198)
  2. Download and complete the Chapter Questions for Personal Reflection
  • What kind of “power” does luxurious living offer? Do you feel the pull of this attraction?
  • What type of behavior would you expect to see in someone who “treasures the riches of the Kingdom more than the riches of the world?
  • Other than money, what are your most precious resources?
  • What can you do to invest yourself and your resources for eternity?