Who wears the pants? And does it even matter? Because anything guys can do, girls can do better. Right? Well maybe-maybe not. But according to the Bible, roles aren’t based on who’s more capable or competent, or whose turn it is, or who wants to have a go at it. In this Girls Gone Wise Video book blog, you’ll find out that there’s a really important reason why roles matter, and why it should be the guy pursuing the girl… and not the other way around.

  1. Read the ninth point of contrast between a Wild and a Wise Thing (Pages 119-134)
  2. Download and complete the Chapter Questions for Personal Reflection
  • How common is the Girls-Gone-Wild pattern of the girl “seizing” and the guy “following”?
  • Why do you think our culture reacts negatively to the idea of differing roles and responsibilities for male and female?
  • Why does it matter who “wears the pants?”
  • Has your thinking on male/female roles changed over the years? In what way?
  • How does sin make it difficult to delight in our created design?
  • Which of the 12 gender markers do you struggle with the most?