How hot is too hot? How much skin is too much skin? Which joints of your body need covering up? Everyone wants a list, but the Bible doesn’t provide one. It does, however, teach us the naked truth about clothing. The reason we wear clothes isn’t just to keep warm or “wow” people with the latest fashion. And it’s not just about helping guys keep their thoughts pure either. There’s a far more profound reason why we need to be careful about what we wear. Find out what it is in this week’s Girls Gone Wise video book blog.

  1. Read the seventh point of contrast between a Wild and a Wise Thing (Pages 93-108)
  2. Download and complete the Chapter Questions for Personal Reflection
  • What does it mean to dress “as a prostitute?”
  • How might the concept that clothing is meant to display deep and profound spiritual truths about the gospel change the way a woman dresses?
  • Refer to the second paragraph on page 102. Which pitfalls about the practical question of what and what not to wear have tripped you up?
  • In what way do the principles that a woman’s clothing ought to be  “becoming, decent and moderate” challenge you?